Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative

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Climate change throughout the North is starting to affect the safety and integrity of northern roads and airport runways built on permafrost, and the safety of Arctic marine vessels and operations.

Transport Canada's Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative is designed to help us better understand climate impacts and facilitate better and more integrated transportation planning and adaptation measures.

The Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative includes a $4.075 million grants and contribution program to support territorial governments and not-for-profit private sector research and development activities to maximize limited northern resources. These funds will help:

  • design, develop, and adopt innovative technologies, tools, and best practices;

  • know and understand more about the impacts of climate change on the northern transportation system;

  • help make existing and future northern transportation infrastructure and operations more resilient and adaptable to climate change; and

  • encourage the development of northern expertise.

Transport Canada encourages strategic partnerships with territorial and provincial governments, academia and the private sector. We want to put the knowledge, best practices and adaptive solutions coming out of this initiative to work for Canada's North.

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