Grant Program

Applicant Guide and Application Form for the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative

Please read these instructions carefully before completing the Application Form.

Program Description

Transport Canada is committed to supporting projects that help foster a more in-depth understanding of climate change impacts in the North, facilitate adaptation considerations in transportation planning and develop northern adaptation capacity. The purpose of the grant program under the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative (the “Program”) is to provide federal funding to eligible projects that will contribute to these objectives.

Projects funded will support the attainment of one or more of the following Program objectives:  

  • develop new tools and technologies through science-based research and development activities;
  • improve knowledge and build Northern capacity to adapt transportation infrastructure and operations to climate change;
  • ensure the necessary knowledge is available and provide the appropriate adaptive tools to enable planners and practitioners to make strategic choices regarding ongoing transportation operations and new construction of transportation infrastructure in Canada’s North; and
  • understand the future costs associated with the maintenance of existing transportation infrastructure and operations in light of climate change impacts.

The Program also strongly encourages collaboration between government, academia and the private industry and that research findings from funded research be communicated to other academic and research institutions and/or the northern transportation industry.

The total amount of funding that will be allocated to successful applicants under the Program for this funding round is $90,000. There may be additional opportunities for applicants next year (i.e., 2017-18).

Amount of Grant

Successful applicants are eligible to receive a grant in the amount of $30,000. Applicants must demonstrate that the funding support from TC is required in order to carry out activities that directly contribute to the completion of the project. Projects with expenditures below $30,000 will not be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Eligible Recipient – Who can apply:
    • Not-For-Profit Institutions (e.g., academic and research institutions) - only the principal investigator may apply on behalf of the institution for a project that has not previously received funding under this Program.

      Please note that no federal entity may receive a grant under the Program, including Crown corporations and agencies.
  2. Type of Eligible Projects: new and ongoing projects (including multi-year projects) that address at least one of the following priorities/themes:
    • Fundamental Knowledge and Understanding of Aspects of Climate Change Affecting the Northern Transportation System: The goal of projects under this theme is to improve and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the impacts of maintenance, construction and environmental factors, including climate change, on the resilience, sustainability and integrity of the northern transportation system.
    • Development, Evaluation and Testing of Innovative Tools, Technologies and Best Practices: Under this theme, project objectives should encourage the adaptation of northern transportation infrastructure and operations by developing, evaluating and/or testing innovative tools, technologies and best practices in Canada’s North.
    • Training and Capacity Building: Projects that form part of the training and capacity building theme will encourage the development of northern expertise and build capacity for the adaptation of northern transportation infrastructure and operations to climate change. Activities could include, but are not limited to, the design and development of specialized courses, workshops, technical presentations, and training opportunities. Projects involving specific training activities for individuals of the project team would not be sufficient in qualifying a project for this theme (i.e., an emphasis is placed on the development of training and capacity-building opportunities).
  3. Location of work: Project-related activities are to be completed exclusively in Canada.
  4. A duly completed and signed Application Form must be received electronically or be postmarked by the application deadline.
  5. Only one application may be submitted from each principal investigator. If two or more applications are received from one principal investigator, then ALL applications from that principal investigator will be discarded.

Applications that do not meet the above Eligibility Criteria will not be considered for funding.

Project Selection Criteria

Projects that meet the Eligibility Criteria will be evaluated by a selection committee of subject matter experts against the following merit-based Selection Criteria to determine which projects will receive funding under the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative. Weightings are provided as percentages for each of the criteria questions.

  1. To what extent do the expected project outcomes and results support the objectives of the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative (as described in the application guide)? (15%)
  2. Does the project team have sufficient expertise and capacity to complete the proposed project? (15%)
  3. To what extent will the results and lessons of the project be actively disseminated to others? (20%)
  4. Is the project budget appropriate, reasonable and necessary to support the project activities and goals? (15%)
  5. Does the project involve other government, academic and private industry collaborators making a financial and/or in-kind contribution? (20%)
  6. How will the project team mitigate project risks to ensure successful completion of the project? (10%)
  7. Is the proposal clear, concise, professional and thorough? (e.g., adheres to word counts, uses correct spelling and proper grammar and makes use of paragraphs)? (5%)

Canada reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to award or reject funding to an Eligible Recipient for a particular project for which an application is submitted. The decision to fund the project will depend on its fit to the Program priorities, Selection Criteria and the overall demand of funds in the Program. In the case where the evaluation process yields a tie, then projects will be prioritized based on the number of collaborators involved and the dissemination plan for project results.

Notification and Service Standards

Our goal is to provide applicants with acknowledgment of receipt of their application within 10 business days. Acknowledgement of receipt of application will be sent in the same form in which the application was submitted (i.e., by mail or by email).

Applicants will be notified of Canada’s decision regarding project funding in writing at the mailing address provided in the Application Form. All payments to successful applicants will be made using direct deposit. Transport Canada will inform successful applicants of the financial and banking information required to facilitate the grant payment in the notification of letter.

How to Apply:

Send your completed and signed Application Form to Transport Canada by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, on January 29th, 2017.

The Application Form can be submitted either electronically or in hard copy.

  • Electronic applications should be signed, scanned and emailed to: and

  • Hard-copy applications should be postmarked by the application deadline and sent to:

Innovation Policy Branch (ACKI)
Transport Canada
Place de Ville, Tower C, 28th Floor
330 Sparks
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N5

Please ensure that all fields in the Application Form are fully completed and that an original signature is provided. Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information or clarification in regard to their grant application. Canada reserves the right to refuse incomplete Application Forms and may return the incomplete Application Forms in the same manner as they were received.

For additional information on the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative, please refer to Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative.

The personal information provided on this form is collected for the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative, under the authorities of section 48 of the Canada Transportation Act, This information is collected by the Department of Transport for the purpose of determining the eligibility for a grant under the Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative. The completion of this form is voluntary; however, it must be completed to be considered for a grant. If your application is approved, the Department of Transport will collect information from you on your financial institution, which will be disclosed to Public Works and Government Services Canada for the issuance of the grant payment. The personal information collected is described in a Personal Information Bank entitled Accounts Payable, bank number TC PSU 931. Additionally, as part of the Government’s commitment to proactively disclose the awarding of grants and contributions, the Department will electronically publish on a quarterly basis information on the grant recipient institution, grant amount, and a short project title/description. Please visit Disclosure of Grants and Contributions for examples of grants and contributions disclosure reports. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, individuals have the right of access to, correction of and protection of their personal information. Instructions for obtaining personal information are provided in Info Source, a copy of which is available in major public and academic libraries or online at Info Source.

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