Transportation Development Centre

Transportation Development Centre

Transportation Development Centre (TDC) is Transport Canada's central research and development branch, at the Policy Group's Centre of Excellence in Economics, Statistics, Analysis and Research (CEESAR) in Ottawa. As Transport Canada's centre of expertise for research and development, it manages a multimodal R&D program aimed at improving the safety, security, efficiency, and accessibility of the Canadian transportation system, while protecting the environment. Its mandate is to enhance the department's technological capability, to address the department's strategic objectives and federal government priorities, and to promote innovation in transportation.


Working for Innovation in Transportation

TDC is headed by a Director and staffed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, ergonomists, and transportation planners and analysts.

TDC's research staff plan and manage projects in support of Transport Canada clients. Projects involve all transportation modes and different stages of the innovation cycle – from concept definition to demonstration and deployment. They are contracted out to a variety of organizations across Canada – manufacturers, operators, research groups, universities, and consultants.

Working closely with contractors, TDC staff manage the technical aspects of each project, control finances, and evaluate progress. They also ensure that the end products of the program – technical data and research reports, equipment designs, laboratory hardware, computer software, and prototype transportation systems – find application in the Canadian transportation network.


R&D Program

TDC's research program ensures a sustained commitment to meeting Canada's evolving transportation requirements through technological innovation. Developed on the basis of priorities established by the departmental R&D management board, the program addresses policy issues, regulation and safety, technology development, operations, and technology transfer, in support of strategic planning and decision-making in the department, the federal government, and the Canadian transportation sector.

A number of research projects are co-funded by TDC's research partners in other federal departments, other levels of government, and the private sector.

TDC also has partnerships with research groups in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Pacific Rim countries, participating in cooperative ventures of international importance through memoranda of understanding, intergovernmental agreements, and scientific exchanges.


Additional Information

For more information on TDC's research program, consult the TDC Project Directory.

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