Transportation Development Centre

Air Transportation

  • Fatigue Risk Management System for Canadian Aviation – FRMS Toolbox

Marine Transportation

  • Future Marine Fuel Study, March 2012. (TP 15185E)
  • IMO GHG Reduction and CO2 Indexing, March 2011. (TP 15186E)

Rail Transportation

  • Alternative Performance Measures for Rail-focused Track Safety, March 2012. (TP 15193E)

Road Transportation

  • Maximizing the Benefit of Hybrid Buses, March 2010. (TP 15213E)
  • Flywheel Energy Storage for Heavy Hybrid Vehicles, March 2010. (TP 15195E)
  • Hybrid Bus Procurement – A Buyer’s Guide (TP 15214E)

Transportation Accessibility

  • Analysis and Assessment of the Environment for Three- and Four-Wheel Mobility Scooters and Identification of Future Needs, November 2011. (TP 15168E)
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