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Date (Y-M-D): 2012-06-12

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Below is a list of published Ship Safety Bulletins by title. Visit our Website to view or download these bulletins. If you require a printed copy, please contact us.


Reminder: The Transitional Period Under Marine Personnel Regulations, Section 184 to Obtain Certificates of Competency Ends July 1, 2012.


How Fishing Masters, Second Class (CFV2) Who Were Certified between March 21, 1980 and June 30, 2007 may obtain the Fishing Master, First Class Certificate of Competency Issued Under the Marine Personnel Regulations


Requirements for Passenger Safety Management or Specialized Passenger Safety Management (Ro-Ro Vessels) Certificate or Endorsement


New Form for Reporting a Maritime Hazardous Occurrence


Wearing and Using Flotation Devices on Small Non-pleasure Craft and Small Commercial Fishing Vessels (advises which PFDs must be replaced by June 30, 2012)


Interim Registration Guidance for Human-powered Vessels, Small Sailing Vessels, and Small Vessels Fitted with Propulsion Motors Less Than 10 hp (7.5 kW)


Implementing the Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations


The Paris Memorandum of Understanding’s New Inspection Regime (Amendment 2011-07-21)

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