Buoyancy Material

The Construction Standards for Small Vessels requires that all monohull vessels of not more than 6 metres be fitted with flotation.

Buoyancy material such as closed cell polyurethane foam fitted in the bottom of the vessel or in the engine space must meet specific requirements for resistance to oil, solvents and cleaners.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the flotation foam they are using has been tested and meets the requirements stated in the Construction Standards for Small Vessels, as applicable. Documentation from the supplier/manufacturer certifying that the buoyancy material has been tested and met the requirements should be kept on file in the event that the firm is audited for compliance verification. An independent testing laboratory should conduct the testing.

Buoyancy material that meets the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations 33 CFR 183.114 also meets the requirements of the Construction Standards for Small Vessels.

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