Boating Safety Contribution Program

The Boating Safety Contribution Program (BSCP) helps organizations promote boating safety or conduct research on the most effective ways to change boating behaviours in Canada.

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Program Overview

The BSCP supports organizations that work to raise public awareness about boating safety for both recreational boating and commercial fishing; advance knowledge of boating safety issues, practices and behaviours in Canada; and support regulatory compliance.

We fund projects that:

  • increase the number of pleasure craft and small vessel operators following safe boating practices;
  • improve access to national boating incident data that will improve stakeholder's capacity to deliver evidence-based awareness and education initiatives; and
  • help reduce deaths, injuries and property damages due to boating accidents.

Eligible Recipients

  • Not-for-Profit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);
  • Public Safety Organizations;
  • Educational Institutions;
  • Healthcare Institutes;
  • Enforcement services; and
    • Note: Proposals received from these applicants must clearly demonstrate that the project is not part of their regular law enforcement duties. For more details, please contact the Program.
  • Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments

Financial Information

Recreational Boating Safety – Available Funding

  • $1 Million per year
  • Maximum contribution per recipient - $400,000 per year

Commercial Fishing Safety – Available Funding

  • $300,000 per year over a three (3) year period
  • Maximum contribution per recipient - $300,000 per year

Please note that there is a set amount of funding for each respective section. No transfers between sections will be accepted.

IMPORTANT – Applicants who want to apply for both sections will be required to complete two separate proposals.

The following financial conditions apply:

  • The BSCP will reimburse recipients up to 75 per cent of eligible expenditures incurred for the Project.
  • Applicants must show they have enough up-front funding to carry out the proposed project. The BSCP makes no advance payments.

We reserve the right to fund single-year or multi-year projects, as appropriate.

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible expenditures under the BSCP, for both components include:

  • Staff wages and benefits;
  • Professional fees;
  • Rental/use of equipment, office materials, office and/or meeting space and travel costs;
  • Public outreach and communication materials and associated activities costs;
  • Translation costs;
  • Incremental insurance costs; and
  • Administrative costs.

Applicant's Guide

The Applicant's Guide for both the Recreational Boating Safety and Commercial Fishing Safety Sections under the Boating Safety Contribution Program will help you prepare your application for funding.

Boating Safety Contribution Program - Applicant's Guide - (PDF, 795 KB)

Application Templates

Once you have carefully read the Applicant's Guide, you must use the following proposal and budget & cash flow templates to prepare your application. It is important that you indicate on the project proposal template which component you are applying for, whether it is for Recreational Boating Safety or Commercial Fishing Safety. You can view them on-line and download them to fill them out.

  1. Project proposal template
    (DOC, 233 KB)
  2. Proposed budget & cash flow template
    (XLS, 17 KB)

Submitting your application & Deadlines

Recreational Boating Safety – Application Deadline - Closed

There is no Call for Proposal under the BSCP for the 2018-19 boating season. Please continue to visit the website for updates and information on the next Call for Proposals.

Commercial Fishing Safety – Application Deadline - Closed

There is no Call for Proposal under the BSCP for the 2018-19 cycle. Please continue to visit the website for updates and information on the next Call for Proposals.

Important Information for both Sections

All project applicants must use the BSCP templates and submit signed proposals that are complete, accurate and comprehensive. For applications under Recreational Boating Safety, applicants must also include legal documents that confirm the organizations as an entity. Missing or incomplete information may result in the Program rejecting your application.

You may submit your application to the electronic mailing address or to the postal address below by the application deadline. No extensions will be granted.

Electronic Submissions

All electronic application packages must be in MS Word, MS Excel or PDF format. Email them to

Mail Submissions

Mail hard-copy applications to:

Boating Safety Contribution Program
Transport Canada
330 Sparks St., Place de Ville – Tower C (AHEC)
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N5

Note: Transport Canada will confirm receipt of all application packages.

Newsletters – Success Stories

Funded Projects

In this section, you will find a list of brief summaries of funded projects for recreational boating safety, grouped by fiscal year in which they were approved. This is to provide information on what has been done in the past. This might also provide opportunities to replicate a project in other areas of Canada as well as provide ideas of projects that haven't been done before under the Program or even encourage organizations with a common goal to work collaboratively on a project.

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