Project Proposal Template

A Project Proposal for the
Transport Canada
Boating Safety Contribution Program

Title of Project

Location of Project

Submitted by:

Applicant Organization Name
Organization Address

Date Submitted: DD-MM-YYYY

Table of Contents

1 Title of project and executive summary

2 Applicant’s information

3 Organizational profile

4 Project management personnel

5 Declarations

6 Project profile

7 Performance measurement strategy

8 Communication plan

9 Letters of financial support

10 Legal documentation of applicant organization


1 Title of Project and Executive Summary

The project title should be reflective of the applicable Boating Safety Contribution Program (BSCP) objective of the project.


The executive summary should address the major elements contained in the project proposal, such as:

  • the title of the project and where it will take place;
  • a short description of the entire project;
  • an abbreviated outline of the scope of work, the major activities involved in the scope of work, the total projected project cost and when it will take place;
  • the project objectives, target groups and categories and how they align with those identified for the BSCP eligibility assessment criteria for participation; and
  • the project major partners who are contributing to the project.

2 Applicant’s Information

2.1 Proper Legal Name of the applicant organization

2.2 Name and position of the primary contact(s) for applicant organization
Such as president, treasurer, project manager, etc.

2.3 Mailing address for all correspondence

2.4 Communication links
Communication links such as office phone/fax numbers, email/internet addresses, etc.

3 Organizational Profile

3.1 Type of Organization
Type of organization in accordance with the listing identified in Section 2.3 of the Applicant’s Guide.

3.2 Organizational Structure and Governance
Short explanation of the organizational structure and governance.

3.3 History of the Organization
A detailed history of the organization.

3.4 Mandate of the Organization
A presentation of the organization’s charter, mandate, strategic plans, etc as they pertain to the objectives of the BSCP.

3.5 Organizational Activities
A brief description of what the normal spectrum of activities is for the organization. If the organization has had prior experience with similar government funding programs, this should be added to this section.

4 Project Management Personnel

4.1 Each project must have a designated Project Manager, with all the necessary contact information if it is different from that of the applicant organization.

4.2 Evidence to support the Project Manager has relevant qualifications and experience to undertake, manage and carry out the project on behalf of the applicant organization. (Evidence to be included as Annex A to the Project Proposal Application.)

5 Declarations

5.1 Conflict of Interest

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you presently employ, in your business or organization, a former public office holder who left the federal government in the last twelve months?
    Yes No
  2. Does your business have as a major shareholder, a former public office holder who left the federal government in the last twelve months?
    Yes No
  3. In case you have answered “yes” to question 1 or 2 above, was this person at an Executive level or above while in public office?
    Yes No
    If yes, please note that the Funding Agreement will include a clause to the effect that no former public servants shall derive any direct benefit from the project, unless said individual is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act, Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service and/or the Conflict of Interest and Post-employment Code. In order to ensure the former public servant is in compliance, please ask the employee/shareholder to contact his/her former department to obtain written confirmation that he/she is in compliance with the post-employment provisions.
  4. If any situation mentioned above arises after the signing of the Funding Agreement, are there safeguards in place to prevent/identify any potential conflict of interest?

5.2 Declarations

I/we, the undersigned, hereby certify that:

  • all information provided to Transport Canada in support of this request for funding is true and complete;
  • if funding requested in this application is approved, the funds will be spent solely for the project and activities described in this application; and
  • I/we provide consent to Transport Canada to make necessary credit and other enquiries in support of this application.









6 Project Profile

6.1 Project Objectives and Goals
The project proposal must provide a clear description of project objectives in relation to the eligibility assessment criteria (identify which program objective (PO), project target group (PTG) and project category (PC) the project addresses) and what are the goals of the project that will contribute to achieving these as well as in relation to the ultimate goal towards a reduction in the loss of life, injuries, and property damage due to boating accidents in Canada.

This section is very important as this will be used for the screening process in relation to the eligibility assessment criteria.

6.2 Location of Project Delivery

The location of the project delivery must clearly identify the areas/locations to be covered by the project activities, whether on a national, regional, provincial or local basis. The location is not usually the head office of the applicant organization, unless the project concerns strictly quantitative/statistical analysis.

6.3 Proposed Start and Completion Dates

The start and completion dates for the project are inclusive of all preparatory work, material production, the actual project delivery and any follow-up activities such as information analysis and reporting.

6.4 Major Activities for the Project

To a great extent, it is this section of the project application that will determine the relative merits of the project in consideration of all other project proposals.

The project should be presented in terms of major activities and include a clear illustration of how these activities will contribute to the overall project accomplishment.

Please list your major activities under this section. In addition, please ensure that you indicate how each component of the activity aligns with the eligible expenditures as listed in the project budget. (see budget and cash flow Excel template which forms part of this proposal).

6.5 Project Work Plan

The project work plan must clearly outline the planned schedule with key activities timelines and identify any potential risks (external and internal) that could jeopardize the project’s delivery and how these risks will be managed.

The project work plan can be presented using project management software such as MS Project, MS Excel spreadsheets or the equivalent, or simply in tabular format. The key requirement is to present all required information as clearly and accurately as possible.

Sample tables for the various section of the project work plan are as follows:

Planned Schedule

Table 1 - Planned Schedule
Serial Stage/Phases and Major Activities Description Start Date End Date
1 Stage 1 Planning and Preparation    
2 Stage 2 Project Delivery    

6.6 Partners and Contributions

It is essential to provide a description of any partners involved in the proposed project initiative and what they can contribute to the project. The description should include the partner organization’s legal name, address, point of contact, and what they are contributing to the project, either monetarily or in-kind. This should be clearly indicated in the budget (see proposed budget and cash flow Excel template).

6.7 Risk Assessment/Mitigation Measures

Table 2 - Risk Assessment and Mitigation Measures
Risk Mitigation Measures
Typical project risks with almost any project are lack of funds, lack of time, lack of resources, lack of participation, inadequate or untimely materials, etc Mitigation measures are deliberate project planning activities that will be undertaken in the course of the project to ensure that the risk is avoided, and the consequences or the impact on the project are reduced.

7 Performance Measurement Strategy

7.1 Output/outcome monitoring
For each expected project outcome or output, identify the indicators, target, data sources and data collection frequency.

Table 3
Outcome/output Performance Indicator Performance Target Source of data Data collection frequency

7.2 Methodology of measurement

Please describe the methods to be used to measure the achievements of the goals and objectives of the project.

8 Communication Plan

Any project application that falls under the Program Category “Promotional Awareness / Public Education Campaigns” requires a detailed communication plan with the following details, where applicable:

  1. method of information dissemination (e.g. internet, mail-outs, newspaper advertisement workshops, etc.);
  2. if the internet is the main method for sharing information, how will the web site be promoted and maintained;
  3. expected target audience; and
  4. expected outreach (e.g. number of web site users, recipients of mail-out materials, number of participants at a workshop, etc.)

9 Letters of Financial Support

The financial support of partner organizations must be confirmed in writing and appropriate substantiating documentation attached.

10 Legal Documentation of Applicant Organization

All applicants must provide copies of legal documentation establishing or constituting the Applicant organization as an entity. (i.e. Letters Patent, Articles and Certificate of incorporation, or other legal instruments).


The following appendices must be included with your proposal.

Annex A – Evidence to support Project Manager
Annex B – Letters of financial support
Annex C – Letters Patent, Articles and Certificate of incorporation, or other legal instrument, etc
Annex D – Project budget and cash flow (Excel template available as Annex B on web site)

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