4.0 How to Apply

4.1 Project Application Content

Section 4.2 details the documents required to submit an application while Section 4.3 explains how to submit your application package. Each application must follow the following content outline. This will minimize the possibility of omissions or errors on the part of applicants, and facilitate the project evaluation process at TC.

4.2 Documentation required

Your application package must include the following:

  • 1. Title of Project and Executive Summary
  • 2. Applicant Information
    • 2.1. Legal name of the organization
    • 2.2. Name and position of the primary contact for applicant organization
    • 2.3. Mailing address for all correspondence
    • 2.4. Communication links such as office phone/fax numbers, email/internet address, etc.
  • 3. Organizational Profile
    • 3.1. Type of organization in accordance with eligible recipients identified in Section 2.3 of the Applicant's Guide
    • 3.2. Organizational structure and governance
    • 3.3. History of the organization
    • 3.4. Mandate of the organization
    • 3.5. Organizational activities
  • 4. Project Management Personnel
    • 4.1. Each project must have a designated project manager, with all the necessary contact information if different from applicant organization
    • 4.2. Evidence to support that the project manager has relevant qualifications and experience to undertake, manage and carry out the project on behalf of the applicant organization
  • 5. Declarations
    • 5.1. Conflict of Interest questionnaire
    • 5.2. Declaration by applicant organization attesting to the accuracy of the project proposal and the commitment of the organization to carry out the project and authorized signature
  • 6. Project Description
    • 6.1. Project objectives and goals
    • 6.2. Location of project delivery
    • 6.3. Proposed start and completion dates
    • 6.4. Major activities for the project
    • 6.5. Project work plan
    • 6.6. Partners and contributions
    • 6.7. Risk assessment and mitigation measures
  • 7. Performance Measurement Strategy
    • 7.1. Output/outcome monitoring
    • 7.2. Methodology of measurement
  • 8. Communication plan
  • 9. Letters of financial support
  • 10. Legal documentation of applicant organization

Important note: A Project Proposal Template is available for download as a Microsoft Word document (Annex A) and must be used for the application including the Microsoft Excel budget and cash flow template (Annex B).

4.3 Submitting your Application Package

Application deadline - Closed

The deadline for the receipt of project submissions under the BSCP for fiscal year 2015-16 ended on October 15, 2014.  The Program will post a Call for Proposal in late Spring 2015 for projects to commence in fiscal year 2016-17. Please continue to check the website for updates & application information.

All project applications must be signed; complete, accurate, comprehensive and presented using the templates provided and must provide legal documentation confirming the organization as an entity. Missing or incomplete information will slow the processing of the application and may result in its rejection.

An application may be submitted to the electronic mailing address or to the postal address at the applicant's discretion.

Electronic Mailing Address

Electronic application package must be in MS Word, MS Excel or PDF format and submitted to bscp-pcsn@tc.gc.ca.

Postal Address

Signed hard-copy can be sent by mail, and must be received in this office by the application deadline. No extensions will be granted. Applications can be sent to:

Boating Safety Contribution Program 
Transport Canada 
330 Sparks St., Place de Ville – Tower C (AHEC) 
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N5

Transport Canada will confirm receipt of application packages

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