3.0 Funding Agreements

A funding agreement signed by both the recipient and TC is required to receive BSCP funding. The following sections highlight some of the key areas of this legal document.

3.1 Risk-Based Funding Agreements

The BSCP will conduct a project risk assessment for all approved projects before signing a funding agreement. We do not do this to exclude or screen out projects but to ensure that the requirements set out in the funding agreement are appropriate for the project risk level and a recipient's capacity to deliver results. For example, the recipient and project risk assessment will determine:

  • how often the recipient must report project progress;

  • financial documentation the recipient must submit with payment claims;

  • how often BSCP staff will make site visits with and/or contact the recipient; and

  • audit requirements (all funding agreements indicate Canada's right to audit).

A risk assessment will be conducted and based on but not limited to, the information that is provided under Section 2.6 in this applicant's guide.

3.2 Project Scope and Agreement

The applicant's proposal will form the foundation to define the project scope, mandatory legal documentation, clauses, terms and conditions, performance measurements and payment structure in the formal funding agreement. Once the funding agreement is signed, no change to the scope of the project (including budget, structure, timelines, etc.) is possible without written agreement between the recipient and TC.

Note: It is very important to clearly define the scope of the project in the application because the recipient will be responsible for all costs associated with work performed outside the approved scope of a project, without pre-approval from TC.

3.3 Reporting Requirements

Reporting requirements will be set out in each agreement, and will include financial claims, progress reports and a final report.

Financial Claims

Recipients must submit claims for reimbursement of expenditures incurred at specific intervals, at least on a semi-annual or annual basis. The BSCP will provide recipients with templates that reflect the eligible expenses as agreed to in the funding agreement.

Progress Reports

Recipients must submit progress reports describing the progress achieved at specific intervals and attach them to the financial claims.

Final Reports

When the project is complete, recipients must submit a final claim for reimbursement along with a final report. The final report serves as a roll-up and verification of all project activities, costs and outcomes. Under the funding agreement, the BSCP must receive the final report before it will pay the final expense claim.

Recipients will receive guidelines for the final report, which must include:

  • a general description of the Project's major achievements, including any changes to original activities and timelines;

  • an overall assessment of the objectives met, outcomes achieved, and lessons learned;

  • updated data on performance indicators indicated in funding agreement compared to the start of the project and how they were used to measure the achievement of the Project's outcomes;

  • examples of any promotional items produced during the Project; and

  • any surveys, analyses, reports and/or research associated to the Project.

3.4 Other Reporting Requirements - Performance Reporting

TC collects useful and accurate performance data that demonstrates results for Canadians. This is why collecting and reporting on meaningful data to assess progress against the desired outcomes is a key requirement of all funding agreements.

The data is collected for the purpose of performance measurement and reporting to Canadians.

3.5 Other Funding Agreement Clauses

Official Languages

All recipients must respect the spirit and intent of the Official Languages Act when delivering a project funded under the BSCP. Linguistic requirements may apply to projects depending on their scope (national, regional or local), or on the specificity of the regions and targeted audiences of projects. TC will work with successful recipients to determine how this will apply to their projects.

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