Recipients for 2016-17

Canadian Safe Boating Council

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) will receive up to $915,400 for a three-year national project. The project aims to raise knowledge and awareness about safe boating practices among boaters and the public across Canada. It will include prevention activities, promotional campaigns and research. CSBC will also develop a mobile application to provide users with information about safe boating practices, and also undertake research about attitudes towards wearing life jackets in Canada’s north.

Association maritime du Québec

The Association maritime du Québec (AMQ) will receive up to $270,570 for a three-year provincial project. It will support safety awareness and education initiatives to encourage boaters to adopt safe boating behaviours. The campaign will target various marine sectors, including marinas, sports federations, regional sports clubs & associations and sports stations throughout Quebec. The AMQ will develop videos and outreach materials and hold an exhibition of Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) during boat shows and other events.

Paddle Newfoundland & Labrador

Paddle Newfoundland & Labrador will receive up to $35,919 for a three-year provincial project to provide education to its membership and the general public about safe paddling in cold water environments. A bi-annual newsletter, evening presentations and pool sessions in Gander and St. John’s will provide paddlers with the opportunity to learn and improve their rescue and boat handling techniques. In the second and third years of the project, the course content will be expanded to include swift water rescue and CPR/First Aid.

Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association

The Labrador Hunting and Fishing Association will receive up to $78,000 towards a three-year regional project. The project will promote safe boating practices in the Upper Lake Melville area – targeting primarily hunting and recreational fishing communities within central Labrador. During the summer months, the Association will have a permanent booth at a public dock with printed outreach materials in English, Innu-Aimun and Inuktitut available. A mobile promotional booth will also be set-up at various community events to help gather statistics about current boating practices in the region.

Canadian Power and Sails Squadrons

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPSS) will receive up to $58,425 for a three-year national project. The project will offer recreational boaters a basic safety check that includes: required safety equipment, operator competency, vessel licensing and awareness of related safety issues.
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