Recipients for 2017-18

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada)

MADD Canada will receive up to $175,777 for a three-year national project that will continue to build on its past projects under BSCP.

MADD Canada will install 425 signs in Canada between 2017 and 2019 that will advise Canadians to contact 911 if they notice drinking and boating activity. MADD Canada will produce new English and French safe boating television public service announcements (PSAs) with an emphasis on impaired boating and will update and distribute their Safe Boating brochure and post cards. They will develop a survey and distribute questionnaires to boaters across Canada which will collect more conclusive data about boaters' attitudes and behaviours toward impaired boating and the impact of the 911 signs. These results will be shared with stakeholders at the end of the project.

University of British Columbia (UBC) – BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit

UBC will receive up to $920,745 for a three-year project that addresses attitudes and behaviours of recreational boaters in British Columbia related to boating safety awareness.

UBC will describe the burden of boating-related injury and will develop and implement a social marketing campaign to address this issue. Evaluation, monitoring and tracking throughout the campaign will be conducted to generate a final report of the campaigns' impact and an expansion of the campaign to other provinces and territories will be facilitated by sharing and disseminating the results of this project to assist other parties to develop their own campaigns.

Lake Massawippi Water Protection Association Inc. (Bleu/EverBlue Massawippi)

Lake Massawippi Water Protection Association Inc. will receive up to $149,156 for a two-year project aiming at improving boater understanding and behaviour and instill a sense of self-responsibility and management for the education and awareness of boating safety related regulations and practices as well as the respect for the environment of Lake Massawippi and its tributaries.

Characteristics of the lake, potentials hazards, dangers and high risks areas as well as boater usage will be identified to have a better understanding of the local boating environment. A chart and signage will be developed and markers will be installed in certain areas of the lake. They will carry out presentations, demonstrations and distribution of safety promotional materials at schools, community events, boat launches and to the general public, both on land and through safety patrols on the water. Communication materials will be posted in their local journal as well as creating a Facebook presence and boating safety training programs in collaboration with the local Servite College will be developed for the local area as well as tailored workshops for schools.

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