Trip / Rescue Plan

Making and filing sail plans

A sail plan is a voyage itinerary that includes a travel route and a basic description of your boat. Sail plans are also referred to as trip or float plans. No matter what you call them, all boaters are encouraged to file one before heading out even if it is just for an hour or two.

File your sail plan with a responsible person and instruct them to contact a Rescue Coordination Centre if you are overdue.

If you are taking a long trip you should file a daily position report (especially if your planned route has changed). To avoid launching an unwarranted search for you, be sure to deactivate the sail plan you filed by reporting that you have returned or completed your trip. Forgetting to do this can result in lost time and resources for Search and Rescue personnel.

Sail Plan

Owner's name and address ___________________________


Telephone Number _________________________________

Emergency Contact Number __________________________

Boat's name and licence number _______________________

Sail _______ Power _______

Size and type______________________________________

Colour _______ Hull _______Deck _______ Cabin ________

Type of Engine ____________________________________

Other distinguishing features _________________________

Radio channels monitored HF ____ VHF ____ MF _____

MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) ________________

Satellite or cellular telephone number __________________

Safety Equipment on Board

Liferafts ________________________________________

Dinghy or small boat (include colour) ___________________

Flares (include number and type) _____________________

Lifejackets or PFDs (include number) ___________________

Other safety equipment _____________________________

Search and Rescue telephone number __________________

Trip details (include these details every trip)

Date of departure ________ Time of departure ___________

Leaving from ____________ Heading to ________________

Proposed route ___________________________________

Estimated date and time of arrival _____________________

Stop over point ________ Number of people on board ______

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