Barge Stability Documents (Interim Guidelines)

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A set of guidelines is being developed as a supplement to TP 11960 – Standards and Guidelines for the Construction, Inspection and Operation of Barges that Carry Oil in Bulk to permit the safe carriage of cargoes that may be considered or classified as pollutants or dangerous goods in tank trucks, tanks or large means of containment on/in barges or self-propelled landing craft.

As an easier alternative and to facilitate meeting the requirements of STAB 8 to evaluate the intact stability of unmanned deck cargo barges carrying oil tank trucks and/or tanks, a set of procedures was developed to determine the barge minimum freeboard by referring to the Minimum Freeboard Tables. This is included in the supplementary guideline: Appendix A – Alternative Standard for the Intact Stability of Unmanned Deck Cargo Barges Carrying Oil Tank Trucks

These procedures are made available as an interim guideline for information purposes to interested parties while the supplement to TP 11960 is being finalized.

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