Tips for Finding a Boat Owner

  • Ask the marina owner and neighbouring boat owners if they know who owns the boat.  If they do not know, perhaps they can pass along a message for you.
  • Post a notice at the site where the boat is located, stating that you are searching for the owner of a specific boat. In addition to your contact information, you may wish to include a picture of the boat.
  • Enter the name of the boat into an Internet search engine to see if there is a website that mentions the boat and its owner. This is a good way to track an owner of a boat that is linked to a business with its own website.
  • Post an ad with a picture of the boat in the local newspaper or on a website with a Lost and Found section.
  • For information on an owner of a boat registered in Canada, visit the Vessel Registration Query System (VRQS). You can use this system to search for a boat owner by entering either the Official Number or the boat’s name.
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