Equivalent Standards for the Construction of Arctic Class Ships (1995) - TP 12260

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TP 12260 E
Marine Safety Directorate

Document description:

This document describes equivalent structural requirements for Arctic Class ships as prescribed by the Arctic Shipping Pollution Prevention Regulations (Regulations)

Document excerpt:

"This equivalent Standard is to be used as a complete and stand alone alternative for the hull construction provisions in Schedule VI of the Regulations. It also includes the various interpretations used by Ship Safety in assessing the adequacy of the stability after damage, and the extent of the damage that is to be applied.

The rationale behind this Standard takes into account the fact that all aspects of Arctic navigation are inter-related, and are based on an understanding of the relationship between the ships structural capability and the prevailing ice conditions. The ice information available on board the ship, the shipping control regime, the vessel's operating mode and crew training are some of the related factors contributing to safe navigation in ice covered waters. This standard is contingent on the implementation of an Ice Regime system; this system is anticipated to be operative in 1996.

This standard is essentially a prescriptive standard. Considerable research work stands as the background to the standard. If a designer wishes to propose alternative arrangements based on direct calculation from first principles, Ship Safety is prepared to examine each case on its merits. A risk analysis may be required for any such submission."


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