Appendix B - Checklist for Implementing TP 15080E Pleasure Craft Operator Card Testing Over the Internet

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This Checklist will help Course Providers ensure they are following the requirements established by TCMS and as set out in the Standard PCOC Testing over the Internet, TP 15080E.

1.0 Online Study Guide: Required Items

Element Yes No Note
Completed Application form      
Hard copy description of the Online Study Guide in the language that it will be delivered      
Web address (development site for the Guide)      
Course Manual      
Converted to Hypertext Format (HTML, Flash)      
Web page with information about the Online Study Guide and PCOC Online Test      
Online registration form (personal information from the candidate)      
Clear description of services & prices rendered to the candidate (i.e., free Chapter sample)      
Statement on identity Fraud      
Privacy Policy      
Payment policy      
Refund Policy      
Site tested with the main browsers      
Accessibility Compliant (W3C Standards)      
Sample chapter (free chapter)      
Course Provider contact e-mail, live chat or phone number for candidates to be used anytime during the Online Study Guide      
Table of Contents      
Written script (in case of narration)      
Tracking Element (show candidates where they stopped)      
Timed element implemented (stipulates a minimum time for each chapter)      
Sample chapter review quiz      
List of all chapter review quiz questions (minimum 200)      
Chapter review quizzes Implemented      
Automatic chapter review quiz grading      
Chapter review quiz grade boundary fix at a minimum 80%      
Chapter review quiz failure warning (if the candidate scores less than 80% he/she should repeat the entire chapter again)      
PCOC Online Test link to TCMS created      
Email sent to candidate with results      

1.2 PCOC Online Testing Requirements – TCMS – Under Development and to Follow

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