7.0 Organization of the Online PCOC Test

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Once a candidate has successfully completed the Online Study Guide, he or she may take the online PCOC test. Under TP 15080E, TCMS will manage the Online PCOC test through its website as follows:

  1. TCMS will manage Course Provider accounts in order to authorize them to download Secure Access Identification Key (SAIK) (Guidelines for the use & operation of SAIKs to follow);
  2. The Course Provider will download the encrypted SAIKs file through the TCMS website application;
  3. The Course Provider will decrypt the SAIKs file by using Entrust certificates;
  4. The Course Provider will set its own website application providing the candidate’s information and SAIK to the Online PCOC test application by way of an URL or any other existing technologies;
  5. The Course Provider website will display a Online PCOC test link to the candidate to provide him/her access to the TCMS Online PCOC test;
  6. The Course Provider website will provide the following information about the candidate to the TCMS Online PCOC test application:
    • First name;
    • Last name;
    • Address;
    • Email address;
    • Date of Birth;
    • SAIK.
  7. Once the candidate information and SAIK have been validated, the candidate will be logged into the TCMS Online PCOC test site and ready to do the test;
  8. The test will contain questions randomly drawn from a TCMS bank of boating safety questions;
  9. The test will take place in an open-book format;
  10. The test will not require the supervision of a proctor;
  11. The test may take place in the candidates’ private residence;
  12. Test questions may be presented with color graphics or photos to test knowledge of aids-to-navigation, navigation rules, boating at night, and/or other subjects;
  13. The candidate will see only one question at a time;
  14. The test will be timed and minimum time limit will be set for each question;
  15. The candidate will not be able to go back to the previous question;
  16. As referenced in the COPCR 4. (1)(a), the passing grade of the test shall be 75%;
  17. Each testing event will randomly generate an individual boating safety test that will include boating safety questions generated from the TCMS bank according to a predetermined test matrix;
  18. There will be a unique test for each candidate and a SAIK shall be assigned to that particular test and candidate;
  19. A candidate may only take one (1) Online PCOC test per day (24 hour);
  20. At any time, the TCMS may change:
    • the bank of questions and associated graphics;
    • the number and description of categories (i.e. the testing matrix);
    • the number of questions per category; and
    • the total number of questions on the test.

7.1 The User Interface

The testing software will make candidates unable to:

  • Print;
  • Copy;
  • Print screen
  • Access other application

…until he or she submits the test for grading.

7.2 After the Test

Following the test, candidates will automatically receive their test scores online.

7.3 Pass

  1. Once the candidate has successfully passed the test, with a minimum grade of 75%, TCMS will send an email to the candidate that will allow he or she to print a temporary PCOC directly from the TCMS website. TCMS will also send an email confirmation to the Course Provider for information purposes;
  2. The temporary PCOC shall display the SAIK, which is tied uniquely to that candidate’s personal data. This will ensure that the temporary PCOC is not shared and will make it easy to recognize if the temporary PCOC was generated fraudulently;
  3. In addition to the SAIK, the temporary PCOC must also contain the following information:
    • Date of issue;
    • Date of expiration;
    • First Name;
    • Last Name;
    • Date of birth;
    • Name of Course Provider;
    • Course Provider phone number.
  4. The temporary PCOC expires when candidates receive their permanent PCOC or no later than 60 days after the date they passed the test;
  5. The Course Provider is responsible for providing the candidate with the permanent PCOC.

7.4 Fail

  1. If a candidate fails the final test, he or she may retake the test up to one (1) time without repeating the Online Study Guide. The second test must be taken after 24 hours and within 30 days;
  2. If the candidate fails the test, TCMS will send an email to the Course Provider;
  3. The candidate will be required to access the Course Provider website in order to have access to the TCMS website to repeat the Online PCOC test;
  4. If the candidate fails the test twice, TCMS will email the Course Provider and the candidate will be required to start the entire Online Study Guide again from the beginning — with the time requirements in place.

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