Parliament Hill is a #NoDroneZone

Transcript: “Parliament Hill is a #NoDroneZone”

Music starts.

Text box on screen reads: When you see this sign… on purplish red background. Image of the Government of Canada No Drone Zone sign on a purplish red background. The sign reads No Drone Zone. Permit required. The middle of the sign features an image of a recreational drone with a red strikethrough.

Video clip of a recreational drone on the ground with text banner on screen reads: You can’t fly your drone without permission.

Video clip of fireworks on Parliament Hill with text banner on screen reads This is a #NoDroneZone followed with text: Have a Safe and happy New Year.

Text on a black screen:, followed with the Canada 150 brand on red screen and image of the Canada wordmark.

Music stops.

image video

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