Public Notice - Evenflo Horizon V and Conquest

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2000-04 (E)

Evenflo Company Inc.
707 Crossroads Court
Vandalia OH 45377

Evenflo Canada Inc.
1171 Invicta Drive
Oakville ON L6H 4M1

Consumer Contact:
Customer Service: 1-800-233-5921

Media Contact:
Brian Bloom: (216) 348-8520

Models Affected:
Evenflo Horizon V
Model Nos.:4201D8C; 4201D9C; 4201K1C and 4251D9C

Evenflo Conquest
Model No.: 4291069C

Number of Units:
Approximately 2,559

Dates of Manufacture:
April 10 to September 6, 2000

On page 8 of the instruction book of the affected units a paragraph is in error regarding the weight range specified for the restraint system in the rear facing mode. The certification for the restraint system is stated correctly on the statement of compliance label affixed to the restraint. The proper weight for this restraint system in the rear facing mode is 2.3 to 10 kg (5 to 22lbs.) The incorrect instruction, as printed in the instruction booklet, indicates a higher weight limit of 13.6kg (30 lbs) rear facing.

A consumer from Newfoundland brought the error to the attention of Transport Canada. Evenflo was immediately contacted. Once the error was verified, Evenflo immediately stopped shipments and contacted the retailers and placed all of the affected units on hold. Evenflo sent out merchandizing teams across the country and rectified the units at the retail stores by placing a label over the offending paragraph. In addition, a new instruction book has been printed for new units.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers may contact the Evenflo Customer Service Centre at 1-800-233-5921 who will advise them regarding the weight range for the particular unit and send them a new instruction book.

If the owner registration card was submitted to the manufacturer, a new instruction book and letter of explanation will be sent out automatically to the owner's address of record.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: October 25, 2000

Date modified: