Public Notice - 2001 Century Encore, Bravo and Accel Child Restraint System

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2001-06 (E)

Century Products
9600 Valley View Road
Macedonia, Ohio
USA 44056

Century Products
9600 Valley View Road
Macedonia, Ohio
USA 44056

Consumer Contact:
Customer Service: 1-800-575-6097

Media Contact:
Barbara J. Riggins: 1-610-286-4570

Models Affected:
Model No.:  4613 WSC CA

Model No.:  44631 PFN CA, 4621 KDF CA

Model No.:  45600 JTI CA

Number of Units:
Approximately 1500

Geographic Distribution:
All across Canada

Dates of Manufacture:
April 10, 2001 to May 10, 2001

The harness adjustment locking mechanism (i.e. the A-lok ) may allow the harness webbing to slip through the device during a serious motor vehicle collision when the convertible restraint system is in the forward facing mode.  A slack harness system may not properly restrain the movement of the child during the collision and may increase the risk of a head injury and could possibly allow the child to be ejected from the restraint system.

The problem with the A-lok was identified during routine quality control crash testing conducted for the manufacturer by a contracted test laboratory.  The test laboratory notified Century of the webbing slippage through the A-lok on one restraint system. Century immediately conducted crash tests at their own facility on three restraints systems and confirmed the harness slippage problem on all three restraint systems tested.

Company Action:
Upon verification of the problem by Century, the company immediately shut down the production of the affected restraints systems and quarantined the finished product inventory. In addition, Century has sent company representatives to the retailers to check for defective restraint systems.  This operation is continuing.

Century also initiated a plan for a comprehensive recall campaign to replace the affected restraint systems that have been sold to consumers. This corrective action initiative will be conducted at no cost to the consumer.  In additional, Century will send out letters to the registered owners.   However, at this time, no consumers have registered their restraint system.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers with one of the defective restraint systems are urgently requested to call Graco/Century at 1-800-575-6097 regarding the arrangements to replace the restraint system.  The consumer should have the model name, model number and date of manufacture of the Century restraint system when making the call to the company.  All of the information is located on the statement of compliance labels affixed to the restraint system.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: June 18, 2001

Date modified: