Public Notice - 2001 Century Celestia Infant Restraint System

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2001-08 (E)

Century Products
9600 Valley View Road
Macedonia, Ohio
USA   44056

Importer & Distributor:
Elfe Juvenile Products
4580 Hickmore
St. Laurent, Quebec
H4T 1K2

Consumer Contact:
Customer Service: 1-800-667-8184

Media Contact:
Barbara J. Riggins: 1-610-286-4570

Model Number Affected:
41420 CNC CA
41410 IND CA

Date of Manufacture:
April 19, 2001 to April 25, 2001

Number of Units:
Approximately 394

The front latch system of the base was assembled with incorrect hooks. Some of the hooks did not incorporate a tooth that engages the shell of the restraint system. In a moderate frontal collision, both of the front hooks on the base may separate from the restraint system shell. In a severe frontal collision, the shell may totally separate from the base.

Geographic Distribution:
Across Canada

Safety Risk:
This separation results in a partial loss of structural integrity of the shell and the base in a frontal collision, and will increase the seat back angle of inclination of the restraint system and may allow an infant to move up the back of the restraint system. This may result in a partial ejection of the infant from the restraint system. However, the total ejection of a properly restrained infant would not be expected. Additionally, in the event of a severe frontal collision, a total separation of the restraint system shell from the base may occur. This would increase the potential for the infant to suffer more severe injuries in a frontal collision.

The Century Celestia was distributed across Canada. At this time, no incidents have been reported to the company or Transport Canada.

As part of the on-going Transport Canada children’s restraint system test program, a 2001 Century Celestia infant restraint system was purchased from a retailer. The infant restraint system was crash tested as per the requirements of the applicable safety standard and it was observed that the shell partially separated from the base. The separation constituted a non-compliance with the requirements of the safety standard. Based on this test, an investigation into this matter was initiated and 6 additional tests were conducted on this model of restraint system. The manufacturer was informed after the first test result was received and co-operated in the subsequent test programs. The testing confirmed that a compliance problem exists and requires corrective action by the manufacturer, Century Products.

Company Action:
Personnel from Century Products and the parent company Graco Children’s Products witnessed the second test at the crash test laboratory and verified the cause of the compliance problem. The company immediately quarantined their inventory of finished products and latch hooks. In addition, they contacted their distributor in Canada, Elfe Juvenile Products, to determine the number and location of restraints distributed within Canada. The retailers have been notified of the problem and have been requested to return the defective bases.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers with one of the defective infant restraint systems are urged to call Elfe Juvenile Products, Customer Service at 1-800-667-8184 regarding the free replacement of the base. The consumer should have the model name, model number and the date of manufacture of the infant restraint system when making the call to the company. All of the above product information is located on the statement of compliance labels affixed to the restraint system.

Consumers that have returned registration cards will receive a letter regarding the replacement of their defective base.

An affected infant restraint system can be safely used without the base to eliminate the potential problem until the replacement base is ordered and received.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: August 23, 2001

Date modified: