Consumer Information Notice - Evenflo Instruction Manuals for Rear-Facing Restraints

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2001-09 (E)

Evenflo has recently noted that instructions included with some of their children's restraint systems have included information on wrapping a baby in a blanket which requires placing the blanket between the infant and the restraint system or modifying the blanket by cutting holes in it for the harness system. Both these suggestions can cause a harness system not to be as tight as desired. This was brought to their attention from an inquiry by a consumer.

Evenflo states that there should be nothing between the infant and the restraint but essential clothing. If a blanket is to be used for warmth, then it is recommended that the infant is placed in the restraint system, harnessed into the restraint system and then the blanket placed on top of the infant and harness system.

If the Evenflo instructions contain advice to place a blanket between the infant and the restraint system, please have the consumer call Evenflo's Parent Link Consumer Resource Centre at 1-800-233-5921 and request revised instructions. Ensure that the consumer has the model number of the restraint (printed on the labeling) prior to calling.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: October 16, 2001

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