Public Notice - 2001-2002 Peg Pérego, Primo Viaggio Infant Restraint Systems

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2002-01 (E)

Peg Perego SPA
Via De Gasperi 50
20043 Arcore (Milano)

Importer & Distributor:
Peg Perego Canada Inc.
585 Granite Court
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 3K1

Consumer Contact:
Call Centre: 1-800-661-5050

Media Contact:
Tony Castellano: 1-905-839-3371

Model Numbers Affected:
IMCS00CA1 BP41 GS45, IMCS00CA1 BP41 TV41, IMCS00CA1 MR41 TF41, IMCS00CA1 MR41 WD41, IMCS00CA1 NP41 TR34, IMCS00CA1 PF41 NF49, IMCS00CA8 BP53 SK13, IMCS00CA8 BP53 RS53, IMCS00CA8 BP53 RU53, IMCS00CA8 RU53 NF45, IMCS00CA1 NT61 NF45, IMCS00CA1 BP41 TI41, IMCS00CA8 CT13 CT71, IMCS00CA8 CT13 MT46, IMCS00CA8 JN13 BY46, IMCS00CA8 CT13 MT46, IMCS00CA8 JN13 BY46, IMCS00CA8 CT13 SC71, IMCS00CA8 TE53 NF49, IMCS00CA1 RC41

Dates of Manufacture:
From May 20, 2001 to February 15, 2002

Number of Units:
Approximately 2,700

The harness system's adjustment locking device ('A' lock) may be inadvertently released during a collision.  The release of the 'A' lock may introduce 18cm (7in) of slack in  the harness system.  A slack harness system may not properly restrain an infant in the infant restraint system in the event of the collision, and in any subsequent vehicle rotation, or roll-over event.

Geographic Distribution:
Across Canada

To allow for greater ease of use and accessibility for the parent/guardian, the manufacturer of the restraint system revised the push button release mechanism that is used to adjust the harness system length.

When the push button is purposely activated, the button depresses a plastic snap cover, which then disengages the 'A' lock mechanism on the webbing that allows the harness system length to be adjusted.

The company during routine compliance crash testing, identified the problem and notified Transport Canada.  When collision forces are applied to the infant harness system, the revised plastic snap button can inadvertently release the 'A' lock as the fabric cover depresses the push button.

Transport Canada was notified by the company of the problem.  Transport Canada conducted three crash tests of the affected restraint systems and two out of three units tested failed to meet the performance requirements of Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 213.1.  Infant Restraint Systems because of the invertent release of the harness system.

Safety Risk:
There is a distinct risk that an infant can strike the interior of the vehicle or be partially or totally ejected from the restraint system during a collision.

Company Action:
Upon verification of the problem by Peg Perego, the company immediately shut down the production of the affected units and quarantined the finished product in their inventory.  A redesigned snap cover has been dynamically tested and will alleviate the problem.

Peg Perego has initiated a plan for a comprehensive public notification campaign to modify the affected units. The identified fix is relatively straight forward and only requires the use of a flat tip screwdriver to remove and replace the affected snap cover.  In addition, Peg Perego will send out letters and kits to registered owners.  The kits will include a label to be affixed to the restraint system to indicate the restraint has been modified.  In addition, the retailer's and company's inventory will have a label to indicate the restraint system has been modified.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers with one of the defective restraint systems are urgently requested to call Peg Perego at 1-800-661-5050 regarding the arrangements to modify the restraint system.  The consumer should have the model name, model number, and date of manufacture of the restraint system when making the call to the company.  All of the identification information is located on the statement of compliance label affixed to the restraint system.

Additional information regarding this repair program can be found at Peg Perego Canada Inc. web site at

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: March 26, 2002

Date modified: