Public Notice - 1999-2002 Graco Snugride Rear Infant Restraint Systems

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2002-02 (E)

Graco Children's Products 
P.O. Box 100
Elverson, PA
USA 19520

Importer & Distributor:
Elfe Juvenile Products
4580 Hickmore
St-Laurent, Quebec
H4T 1K2

Consumer Contact:
Customer Service:
English Call Centre: 1-800-664-5246
French Call Centre: 1-800-667-8184

Media Contact:
Barbara J. Riggins: 1-610-286-4570

Model Numbers Affected:
8457D5, 8457F3, 8457GP, 8457MA 8457MV, 8457TMJ, 8457TMP, 8457YL, 8458A5, 8458AE, 8458B7, 8458D8, 8458FKB, 8458KY, 8458N5, 8460LV, 8462HAV, 8462JAM, 8472MAD, 8472YL, 8478SAR, C841121, C845742

Number of Units:
Approximately 3,172

Geographic Distribution:
Across Canada

Dates of Manufacture:
August 31, 1999 to February 28, 2002

The base of the restraint system may be missing components that secure the infant restraint shell to the base.  Thus, if the components are missing the infant restraint shell may separate from the base in the event of a collision.

Graco, the manufacturer of the infant restraint received a complaint from a retailer in the USA on February 28, 2002, concerning a Snugride infant restraint that would not latch into the base due to missing hooks in the base.  The company began an immediate inspection of the Snugride inventory for missing hooks and 'U' bars.  Of 42,460 units, 62 units either exhibited a missing hook(s) or unseated retaining pins or missing 'U' bars.  This represents less than 0.15% of the population of restraints being defective. The cause of the missing parts has been attributed to a manufacturing error.

Safety Risk:
If the infant restraint shell is not properly secured to the base due to missing components, then the infant restraint and the infant may separate from the base during a collision. The potential for injury to the infant is substantially increased.

Company Action:
The company has received no reported incidents in Canada, however two consumer complaints and three returns regarding the Snugride missing hooks have been documented in the USA.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers with one of the defective restraint systems are urgently requested to call Graco at 1-800-664-5246 regarding the arrangements to inspect and modify the restraint system. For French speaking consumers, they can call Elfe Juvenile Products in Montreal at 1-800-667-8184.  The consumer should have the model name, model number, and date of manufacture of the restraint system when making the call to the company. All of the identification information is located on the statement of compliance label affixed to the restraint system.

If the restraint system is deemed defective, the company will arrange for the replacement of the base free of charge.

Additional information regarding this repair program can be found at Graco web site at

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: March 22, 2002

Date modified: