Public Notice - Dorel Canada Designer 22 and Arriva Infant Carriers

TP 2436
Road Safety Leaflet # D-2005-02 (E)

Dorel Juvenile Group USA
2525 State Street
Columbus IN 47201

Importer & Distributor:
Dorel Canada
12345 Albert Hudon, Suite 100
Montreal QC H1G 3K9

Media Contact:
Rick Leckner: 1 (514) 731-0000

Consumer Contact:
Consumer Service: 1 800-881-0570

Models Affected and Model Numbers:
Designer 22 - models: 22H65MAC, 22H32CRB, 22H32CMB, 22H32VIN, 22H32MTQ, 22H32JOS
Arriva - models: 22H51THE, 22H09THE, 22H09PAW

Number of Units:

Dates of Manufacture:
January 01, 2004 to October 31, 2004

Geographic Distribution:
All Canada

Transport Canada received a number of reports concerning harness slippage during normal use of the restraint system. On investigation, it was determined that there was a problem with certain webbing used in some of the infant carriers that were manufactured for Dorel Juvenile Group USA (DJG USA) in China.

Transport Canada opened a total of six public complaints with respect to harness slippage. Dorel Canada was informed of the problem.

Dorel Canada and DJG USA performed detailed testing and evaluation to resolve this problem and have developed a fix for the affected infant carriers.

Dorel Canada has received an additional three complaints. No injuries have been reported.

Company Action:
Dorel Canada will provide all registered owners a notification letter and a free fix kit. Any unregistered owner may call the company to receive a free fix kit. In addition, all major retail store buyers will receive notification.

Units fixed at the retail level will be identified as repaired.

Safety Risk:
Should the webbing of the harness system loosen without the knowledge of the parent or guardian, slack would be introduced into the harness, which in turn, during a motor vehicle collision, would increase the likelihood of movement of the child. Caregivers must tighten the harness straps as per the manufacturer’s instructions during each use.

Consumer Recourse:
To receive a fix kit for these units, please call Dorel Canada at their toll-free number  (1-800-881-0570).

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: April 19, 2005

Date modified: