Child Restraint and Booster Seats & Consumer Information Notices

When child seats have a defect, do not meet safety standards or have other problems, Transport Canada issues an advisory notice. These notices will tell you if there is a problem with your seat and what you need to do to have it fixed.

Transport Canada does not rate, rank, endorse or approve child restraint systems or booster cushions.

Transport Canada strongly advises parents and caregivers to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and respect the expiry or useful life dates. For more information on this issue, visit Children's car seats and booster cushions: How long are they safe?

Public Notices

A Public Notice is issued when products do not comply with safety standards or have a defect.

Consumer Information Notices

A Consumer Information Notice is issued when there is a general problem with a restraint that does not relate to compliance or defect.

To obtain a copy of a notice, please contact Transport Canada:

1-800-333-0371 toll free or 613-998-8616 calling from Ottawa area

Fax: 1-613-998-4831


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