Forward-Facing Child Seats - Test Videos

 Protecting Children in Forward-Facing Car Seats

Note: These videos should not be used to compare one product to another. Transport Canada did not do these tests to rate, rank or endorse individual seats. Testing conditions represent some specific situations and not all possibilities. Testing conditions may also vary between seats. Our purpose was to investigate how seat behaviour varied with the method of installing the seat in a vehicle. The seats seen in these videos were purchased at retail stores or provided by manufacturers. Some seats may no longer be available on the Canadian market while some may never have been sold in Canada.

Marque Modèle Nombre d'essais
Britax Marathon 18
Regent 25
Century Next Step 2
Cosco Alpha Omega Elite 4
Alpha-Omega 1
Ventura 1
Dodge Integrated Child Seat 2
Eddie Bauer Delux 3-IN-1 1
Touriva 1
Evenflo Bolero 6
Chase 1
Comet 5 4
Titan Elite 1
Titan I 2
Traditions 3
Triumph Advance Deluxe 3
Vision 2
Graco Cargo 2
Comfort Sport 4
Nautilus 3
Platinum Cargo 7
Treasured Cargo 3
Learning Curve True Fit 4
Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite 1
Apex 7
Apex 65 12
Vantage point SE 1
Sunshine Kids Radian 15
Grand Total   136
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