Safety 1st - Intera 4 in 1

Note: These videos should not be used to compare one product to another. Transport Canada did not do these tests to rate, rank or endorse individual seats. Testing conditions represent some specific situations and not all possibilities. Testing conditions may also vary between seats. The tests did reveal how various seats behaved during crashes and how this behaviour varied with the method of installing the seat in a vehicle. The seats seen in these videos were purchased at retail stores. Some seats may no longer be available on the Canadian market.

   *    = Anomaly: such as a separation of the seat from the base, cracking or reduced integrity of seat or base, or other unexpected behaviour.

Vehicle Test Child Seat
Make Model Year Speed (km/h) Type of Collision Installation Model # Manufacture Date
Kia Magentis 2007 47.8 1 Latch N/A 22461C-BGG 08/04/2006

Kia Magentis - Model#: 22461C-BGG

Side view of rear right position with Safety 1st Intera 4 in 1 installed with LATCH

Right view of Kia Magentis striking the barrier

Right view of child seat during impact

Type of Collision

Type 1 - Rigid Frontal Impact
Rigid Frontal Impact

Type 2 - Offset Impact With Deformable Barrier
Offset Impact With Deformable Barrier

Type 3 - Side Impact
Side Impact

Type 4 - Rear Impact
Rear Impact

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