Brake Assist


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  • Image shows increased, quicker brake pressure applied resulting in shorter stopping distance in the car equipped with brake assist.

Brake Assist systems reduce the force required to apply the brakes fully. It monitors brake pedal pressure to automatically sense emergency braking. It then boosts brake pressure to levels beyond those of the driver’s pedal and more quickly to shorten stopping distances. This can prevent a crash or reduce the crash impact.





System is on when you turn on the engine.

Things to keep in mind

Effective braking also depends on having a well-maintained brake system as well as tire and road conditions.

Drivers are encouraged to read the owner’s manual to become familiar with the system and the conditions when system operation is different or is not guaranteed.

Learn more

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  • A Test Track Evaluation of Light Vehicle Brake Assist; US DOT report number HS 811 371; Washington, DC; September 2010
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