Traction Control


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  • Red car with traction control is able to safely handle icy winding road. Black car without traction control cannot negotiate the same road and spins out.


Traction Control provides the vehicle with maximum traction by preventing wheel spin when accelerating. These systems use the same wheel speed sensors as the ABS to monitor wheel speed and limit wheel spin from excessive throttle applications by braking and/or reducing engine power to the drive wheels.




The system is on when the engine is on. You can turn it off with a switch.

Things to keep in mind

  • Even with Traction Control, it is possible to lose directional control on slippery road surfaces.
  • The system may allow your vehicle to reach a higher speed than is safe for road conditions.
  • Your tires should be in good condition and properly inflated.

Drivers are encouraged to read the owner’s manual to become familiar with the system and the conditions when system operation is different or is not guaranteed.

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