Advanced Forward Lighting Systems

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  • Red car with advanced forward lighting approaches a curve and its headlights automatically follow the curve of the road.  A black car on the same curve without the system has its beams pointing straight into the shoulder of the road.

Advanced Forward Lighting System is a term used for lights that can automatically adapt to changing driving conditions (road and visibility). Some systems can swivel the main beams left and right up to 15 degrees according to the vehicle’s travel path (angle of the curve) and speed. This provides greater lighting to the road ahead. Other systems can automatically switch from high beam to low beam when it detects an approaching vehicle. There are also systems that can shine light 90-degrees in either direction when the vehicle is turning at an intersection. These systems usually use Bi-Xenon or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights.


  • Most systems require the driver to turn the light switch to the automatic setting

Things to keep in mind

  • These systems are not a substitute for attentive driving.
  • Drivers are encouraged to read the owner’s manual to become familiar with the system and the conditions when system operation is different or is not guaranteed.
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