Pedestrian Detection


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  • Graphic illustrates the first paragraph of text. The driver is warned as a pedestrian crosses the road in front of the car.

Pedestrian detection systems can detect people in front of vehicles, warn if anyone walks out into its path and then automatically activate the brakes if the driver fails to respond in time. The system uses radar sensors and/or a camera that scan the road and pavement looking for typical pedestrian behaviour.

This system is usually combined with collision warning with full auto braking.



  • Some systems can avoid a collision with a pedestrian at speeds up to 34 km/hr if the driver fails to respond. At higher speeds, the system reduces the vehicle’s speed as much as possible before impact.
  • The system can identify only pedestrians taller than 80 cm.

Things to keep in mind

  • Do not rely on the system solely to detect pedestrians. It is not a substitute for attentive driving.
  • Drivers are encouraged to read the owner’s manual to become familiar with the system and the conditions when system operation is different or is not guaranteed.
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