Speed Alert

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  • Driver who is speeding is reminded that the posted speed limit is 60 km/hr by the display screen.

Speed alert systems help the driver stay within the speed limits. Most systems use a camera that can read speed limit information and remind drivers of the current speed limit via a display on the instrument panel. Other systems feature stored digital speed maps and GPS that display the posted speed limit and alert drivers either by a visual or audio alert when they drive above the speed limit. The newer systems combine information from both sources, a camera and digital speed map/GPS.

NOTE: These systems offered by some manufacturers are currently not available in Canada.

However, many aftermarket (off-the-shelf) navigation devices and smart phones now include speed limit information for North America.

Things to keep in mind

  • The driver should not rely solely on the system for speed limit information. Stored speed limit maps especially may not always be accurate or up-to-date or provide coverage for all roads.
  • Camera systems may not always see the speed limit signs.
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