Importing Vehicles Case-by-case

The case-by-case procedure allows importers who purchase new Canadian specification vehicles directly from foreign manufacturers to obtain pre-authorization from Transport Canada. It reduces the risk of having shipments denied for non-compliance at the Canadian border.

It applies to prescribed classes of vehicles regulated under the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act. You can find these prescribed classes of vehicles and all applicable standards in “Schedule III” of the regulations.

Without pre-authorization, Canada Border Services Agency officers will deny entry to vehicles at the border until compliance can be verified. This can result in additional costs and delays to importers. Vehicles ultimately found to be non-compliant with Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards must be exported or destroyed at the expense of the importer.

Transport Canada does not consider vehicles purchased at a U.S. dealership as new vehicles purchased directly from a manufacturer. Such purchases do not qualify for case-by-case evaluation. Visit the Web site if you plan to buy vehicles from a U.S. dealership and import them into Canada.


Who can submit a case-by-case request?

Canadian individuals or companies who wish to import vehicles purchased directly from a foreign manufacturer that designs and assembles vehicles that comply with all applicable Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Importers must submit information specific to the vehicles for review. Upon a successful review, Transport Canada will issue a case-by-case authorization number for a specific vehicle, or vehicles as listed on the request. The information we require for a case-by-case request evaluation depends on the class of vehicle.

How do I submit a case-by-case request?

If you want a case-by-case authorization to import a new Canadian compliant vehicle (or vehicles) purchased directly from a foreign manufacturer, please submit a request for a case-by-case application and clearly indicate the vehicle type:

  • By e-mail at
  • By phone at 1-800-333-0371 (Toll free, within Canada) or 1-613-998-8616 (Outside Canada).
  • In writing

    Transport Canada
    Motor Vehicle Safety Directorate
    Place de Ville, Tower C
    330 Sparks Street
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5

We will provide you with specific instructions for submitting your case-by-case authorization request. Please carefully review and submit all required information.

  • We prefer electronic submissions.
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