Frequently Asked Questions - Case-by-case Vehicle Importation

Do I need authorization from Transport Canada to import new Canadian specification vehicles purchased directly from a foreign manufacturer?

Question1 -

Yes, importing new Canadian specification vehicles outside of the Appendix F or Appendix G pre-clearance programs requires a vehicle identification number (VIN) specific case-by-case authorization number issued by Transport Canada.

Canada Border Services Agency officers will detain vehicles presented at the border which lack necessary pre-authorization, until they can establish compliance with import requirements. This can result in additional costs and delays to importers because non-compliant vehicles must be exported or destroyed at the importers expense.

How do I submit a case-by-case request?

Question2 -

To obtain a case-by-case authorization to import a new Canadian compliant vehicle (or vehicles) purchased directly from a foreign manufacturer, submit a request for a case-by-case application to the contact information provided at the bottom of this page and clearly indicate the vehicle type.

Once you receive our response, read the instructions carefully and submit all the information as requested.

  • We prefer electronic submissions.
How long does a case-by-case approval take?

Question3 -

The entire review process takes four to six weeks once we receive all requested information. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Why would you deny a case-by-case request?

Question4 -

We would deny a case-by-case request if:

  • The information provided is insufficient to establish compliance with all applicable Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or
  • We determined the vehicle(s) to be non-compliant, or
  • The importer contact information was incorrect or incomplete, or
  • The application did not include all requested information.
Who is liable for ensuring compliance?

Question5 -

All responsibility for compliance lies with the Canadian importer. Under sections 5, 10 and 17 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, it is an offence to import non-compliant vehicles into Canada. You can find the MVSA and Regulations at:

The Minister of Transport does not have the discretionary decision making power to waive a importer’s responsibility to comply with the MVSA.


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