Safe Vehicles

The safety of the vehicle is an important part of ensuring that travelers are safe on Canadian roadways. There are several programs to assist in the maintenance and improvement of vehicle safety.

SEE and be SEEN

Driving with proper vehicle lights 

Importing a vehicle

Learn how to bring a vehicle into Canada from the United States or anywhere in the world.

Safety standards for vehicles, tires, and child car seats

Information to help both Canadian and foreign manufacturers meet Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) standards and regulations.

Defects and recalls of vehicles, tires, and child car seats

Search the Motor Vehicle Safety Recalls Database, find out about active investigations into possible safety defects and how to report a potential safety defect.

Advanced Vehicle Technologies

There have been many recent advances in vehicle technologies. Some can help you avoid or reduce the severity of a crash. Others provide better protection for occupants in the event of a crash.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety

Using an all-terrain vehicle properly is the first step toward having a safe and enjoyable ride. It is also important to be aware of the laws that apply when and where you use your ATV before you ride.

Low Speed Vehicles

These electric vehicles may not go as fast as other cars and trucks, but they do have their own safety rules.

Motor Carriers and Commercial Vehicle and Drivers

Information about sharing the road, Electronic On-board Recorders (EOBRs), collision statistics, boat tails and speed limiters.

School Buses, Buses and Large Vans

Learn about the special safety features and concerns for these large passenger vehicles.

Common Vehicle Safety Features

Learn how air bags, seat belts, car seats, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), anti-lock braking systems and other features improve vehicle safety.

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