Regulations and Legislation

Motor Vehicle Transport Act (MVTA) - Requires extra-provincial motor carriers who operate across provincial, territorial or international boundaries to obtain a safety fitness certificate before transporting passengers or freight.

Motor Carrier Safety Fitness Certificate Regulations

Motor Carrier Safety Fitness Certificate Regulations - These regulations authorize provincial governments to apply a nationally consistent safety regulatory regime as part of the safety fitness oversight of motor carriers under federal jurisdiction that are base-plated in their respective jurisdictions.

Directive for the Issuance of Exemptions From Regulatory Requirements Pursuant to the MVTA

The purpose of the directive is to define parameters on how the Minister's opinion is formed, and against what criteria, in granting exemptions from regulatory requirements either under the MVTA or its companion regulations, and to ensure the exemption process is equitable to all those who come forward with a request, while simultaneously ensuring the best interests and the safety of the public are protected.

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