What you should know about ... Anti-lock Braking System: ABS warnings and maintenance

ABS warnings

My ABS light comes on. What should I do?

When you start your vehicle an ABS indicator light will illuminate on the instrument panel for a few seconds. This is normal.

My ABS light stays on. What should I do?

This means the ABS is not working. However, the conventional braking system is working. We recommend that you take your vehicle to your nearest dealer for servicing as soon as possible.

My ABS light and my brake warning light both stay on. What should I do?

DO NOT DRIVE THIS VEHICLE! You have no brakes. Have it towed to your nearest dealer.

Warning lights

Maintenance problems with ABS

It is possible for the ABS to be too sensitive and that it activates for no apparent reason. For example, if the ABS activates when gently braking on a smooth, dry surface, you should visit your dealer.

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