The Pickering Airport Site Zoning Regulations Guidance Document

Guidance and Planning

Appendix C
Land Use Within the Bird Hazard Zone

Permitted Land Uses*
Land-Uses** Primary Secondary Special

High Risk
Putrescible Waste Landfills No No No
Food Waste Hog Farms No No No
Wildlife Refuges, Waterfowl Feed. Stns. No No No
Racetracks No No No
Moderate Risk
Open or Partially Enclosed No No Yes
Waste Transfer Stations No No Yes
Cattle Paddocks No No Yes
Sewage Lagoons No No Yes
Municipal Parks, Picnic Areas No No Yes
Golf Courses No No Yes
Low Risk
Dry Waste Landfills No Yes Yes
Man-made Marshes, Swamps and Mudflats No Yes Yes
Commercial Shopping Malls, Plazas No Yes Yes
Fastfood Restaurants No Yes Yes
Outdoor Restaurants No Yes Yes
Schoolyards No Yes Yes
Community/Recreation Centres No Yes Yes
Potentially Risky
Poultry Factory Farms No Yes Yes
Enclosed Waste Transfer Stations No Yes Yes
Wet/Dry Recycling Facilities No Yes Yes
Stormwater Management Ponds No Yes Yes
Plowing/Cultivating No Yes Yes
No Risk
Compost Facilities Yes Yes Yes
Natural Habitats Yes Yes Yes
Agricultural Fields Yes Yes Yes
Haying Yes Yes Yes
Rural Ornamental and Farm Ponds Yes Yes Yes
Residential Areas Yes Yes Yes

*Land uses and activities existing prior to the coming into force of the Pickering Airport Site Zoning Regulations are deemed to be legally non-conforming.

**Contact Transport Canada for land uses not listed. When introducing permitted land uses, it is still prudent for landowners to use recommended mitigation techniques or "best practices" to ensure that the level of risk is not increased to a level that is restricted by the AZR.

***While a "No" indicates that a particular land use is restricted in one or all of the bird zones, this use may still be permitted if acceptable bird mitigation techniques are employed.

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