Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1. What are Federal Airport Zoning Regulations?

A1. Federal airport zoning regulations, enacted with authority under the Aeronautics Act, impose restrictions on owners of property adjacent and in the vicinity of an airport or airport site. These restrictions:

  • Limit the height of buildings, structures and objects (including trees and other natural growth);
  • Protect aircraft from potential hazards by prohibiting electronic signal interference; and
  • Prohibit land use activities that attract birds that may create a hazard to aviation safety.
Q2. Why do the existing Pickering Airport Site Zoning Regulations (PASZRs) need changing?

A2. The amount of land needed for a future airport can be smaller than originally considered. We are replacing the PASZRs to protect the new smaller configuration for any future possible airport use.

Q3. When did the existing PASZRs come into effect?

A3. They were enacted in September 2004 and came into force in September 2005.They were deposited on title in the Durham and York Region Land Registry Offices.

Q4. How do the existing PASZRs affect landowners of pre-existing buildings, structures and objects that violate the height restrictions or who engage in prohibited land uses or activities, when the regulations came into force?

A4. Buildings, structures, and objects that existed, or were approved, before the PASZR came into force in 2005, are considered to be "grandfathered". The new regulations will continue to restrict any additions to the height of these buildings, structures, or objects. Landowners must comply with PASZR height restrictions for any new buildings, structures, or objects.

Q5. Do the new PASZRs mean an airport is being developed?

A5. A decision has not been made about the type or timing of a potential future airport.

Q6. What is the status of the regulatory process for the new Pickering Airport Site Zoning Regulations (PASZR)?

A6. Following the publication of the proposed Pickering Airport Site Zoning Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I in July 2015, a 60-day public consultation period provided interested persons with an opportunity to submit written comments about the proposed regulations. The next step is Treasury Board approval of the final PASZR. This will be followed by publication of the new regulations in Canada Gazette, Part II.

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