Preliminary consultation on proposed amendments to the Railway Safety Management System Regulations, 2015

From Transport Canada

Current status: Closed
End date on October 4, 2016

Transport Canada is conducting preliminary consultations on proposed amendments to the Railway Safety Management System Regulations, 2015 (Regulations).


We are committed to engaging Canadians about railway safety. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts and views during early stages of the regulation-making process.


This consultation is open to all Canadians, including railway companies, their employees, and communities interested in information-sharing about railway safety.


We plan to add new information-sharing requirements to the Railway Safety Management System Regulations, 2015. The purpose of the new requirements is to:

  • increase municipalities' awareness of railway operations that could present safety risks to their communities
  • inform municipalities of measures taken by companies to reduce or remove those risks

The Consultation Document explains the proposed new requirements in more detail. Read it in full to provide your feedback


Preliminary consultation

This consultation is open from September 6 to October 4, 2016. Your comments will help us in the development of the new information-sharing requirements, before we amend the Regulations.

Regulatory consultation

Following the preliminary consultation, proposed amendments to the Regulations will be announced and published in the Canada Gazette, Part I. At that time, you will have the chance to give us feedback on the legal text before the amendments become law.

How to participate

There are two opportunities to provide your comments:

  1. 1. Now: preliminary consultation
    Read the Consultation Document and send your comments, by email, to Transport Canada at or via our feedback form.
  2. We will not consider comments that are sent after October 4, 2016 (when the preliminary consultation period is closed). However, you will have a second opportunity to share your comments during the regulatory consultation.

  3. 2. Later: regulatory consultation via the Canada Gazette
    To take part, read the proposed amendments, which will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I. More information about how to provide feedback will be available when the proposal is pre-published.

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Contact us

Please send your comments on the Consultation Document to or via our feedback form.

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