In Flight Safety - Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Briefings

1. As a traveler with a disability, do I have the right to an individual safety briefing?

Yes. All passengers must receive a standard safety briefing. If you have a sensory, physical or comprehension limitation or you are responsible for another person, air operators must ensure their crew members provide you with an individual safety briefing.

2. Do I have to ask for the briefing or is it the airline staff’s duty to offer it to me?

When the crew members are aware that you require an individual safety briefing, they will provide one without you having to request it.

There are times when the crew members may be unaware of a passenger’s limitations or responsibility for another person. If you need an individual safety briefing but do not receive one, ask that you receive one, before the aircraft doors are shut.

3. What if I do not receive an individual safety briefing? Is there anyone I can contact about this?

Yes. If you have not received an individual safety briefing, even after requesting one, you should contact your airline or the Civil Aviation Communications Centre at 1-800-305-2059 or by email at Please provide the date, flight number, air operator, and details surrounding the refusal to provide an individual safety briefing.

Service Animals


The Air Transportation Regulations apply to air carriers operating services within Canada using aircraft with 30 or more passenger seats. Please refer to Section 149 for specific regulations that apply to service animals.

You will find below some brief responses to common questions about service animals.

1. May my service animal remain with me in the cabin?

Yes, if:

  • you are a person with a disability;
  • it provides assistance you need;
  • it is certified as having been trained to assist a person with a disability by a professional service animal institution;
  • it is properly harnessed; and
  • it remains on the floor at your seat, under your control.

2. Are there restrictions as to where I can sit with my service animal?

Yes, persons with service animals may not occupy seats where the presence of the animal would impede or obstruct any person’s access to an emergency exit and/or interfere with the ability of a crew member to carry out his/her assigned duties during an emergency.

To learn more about the space for service dogs on board aircraft, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) published a document titled: Implementation Guide Regarding Space for Service Dogs Onboard Large Aircraft you can access at:

3. Must service animals be muzzled?

No, there is no requirement to muzzle your service animal.

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