Canada's Participation in implementing Resolution 97/4

As an Associate Member of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), Canada implemented Resolution 97/4 on the Mutual Recognition of Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities. According to this agreement,

  • Canadians with disabilities holding a valid parking permit issued in their jurisdiction may travel in any of the European ECMT Member Countries and use their home parking permit to enjoy the same benefits as citizens from these countries.
  • European travellers with disabilities can visit Canada and display their valid national parking permit to use designated parking spaces in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Travellers with disabilities do not need to make any special arrangements to take advantage of the benefits for which they are eligible under this agreement. The only requirement is to bring one's own valid parking permit and to display it so that it is visible to law enforcement officers.

Since regulations governing the use of designated parking spaces vary from one country to the other, we encourage travellers with disabilities to learn about the regulations of the country or countries they are traveling to at the following Web site:

Transport Canada, the provinces and the territories cooperate to make sure Canada honours the agreement nationally. Our success depends on the cooperation of law enforcement officers from all Canadian jurisdictions in recognizing valid parking permits used by travellers with disabilities coming from any of the European ECMT Member Countries. Law enforcement officers can find a list of the participating countries at the following Web site:

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