Marine Policy

The department's Marine sector carries out research and development projects to support Transport Canada's objectives in a number of areas. These focus on the development of federal marine policy, regulations and standards. Some highlights are studies to improve marine transportation, especially shipboard navigation systems, ice navigation and maintenance techniques; work to investigate emerging technologies; and research to develop and assess technological solutions to operational problems such as search and rescue, certification of marine experts, inspection and marine transportation systems.

Marine Policy directorate

Marine Policy is responsible for the development and the implementation of domestic and international marine policies. In particular, the Directorate is responsible for the Canada Port Authorities, the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Marine Atlantic, Ridley Terminals Inc. and international shipping protocols.

Seaway & Domestic Shipping Policy

Ports Policy

  • Review of the Vancouver Container Trucking Regulations
  • Review of the Toronto Port Authority Report

Ferry Policy & Programs

  • Social and Economic Impact of Marine Atlantic Drop Trailer Service
  • Long-Term Strategy on the Digby – Saint John Ferry Service

International Marine Policy & Liability

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