Opt out of the regulatory review process

Owners of works in scheduled waterways do not have the option to opt out of the NPA works regime.

The amended legislation provides the option for owners of works in non-scheduled navigable waters (i.e., those not listed on the schedule to the Act) to opt out of the NPA works regime. This provision applies to works which were transitioned into the NPA works regime on April 1, 2014. The opt-out option must be exercised within five years of the NPA coming into force.

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To opt out of the NPA works regime, the owner of the work must provide notice of their decision to opt out in order for the NPP to close the file. This notice must include the following identifying information (at minimum):

  • Name of owner
  • Waterway name (primary)
  • Description of work
  • Legal site description
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Applicant file number
  • NWDS file number*
    *except for Crown Works authorized under s.4 or Minor Work provisions of NWPA

The notice must also include a signature confirming ownership (or the legal right to act on behalf of the owner) and indicating that the owner understands the implications of withdrawing from the NPA works regime.

Requests to opt out multiple works must provide the required information for each work previously approved or exempted.

The opt-out option expires on the five-year anniversary of the coming into force of the NPA (on April 1, 2019). After that time a transitioned work can no longer opt out of the NPA works regime.

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