National Airports Policy

National Airports Policy

Remote Airports

Current Situation

  • The federal government is currently responsible for the operation or funding of 13 remote airports across the country.
  • Airports are considered to be remote if air transportation is the only reliable year round mode of transportation available to the community it serves.
  • The communities served by remote airports are dependent on air transportation to get the majority of their travellers and cargo in and out.

The National Airports Policy and Remote Airports

  • Under the National Airports Policy (NAP), the federal government will continue to fund the operation of 13 remote airports, recognizing the need for outgoing support if these communities are to remain accessible year-round.
  • At the same time, the federal government will be introducing operating efficiencies at these sites for more cost-effective operations.
  • During the next few years, the federal government will review its long-term role at remote airports.
  • The 13 federal airports that fall within the remote-airport category are identified in Appendix A.
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