Contaminated Sites

Transport Canada’s Contaminated Sites program is one of the three Environmental Management programs under the National Environmental Management System.

A history of commercial and industrial activity has resulted in contamination at some of the facilities operated or managed by Transport Canada. We are committed to managing these sites in a responsible manner.

In support of this commitment, Transport Canada developed a Contaminated Sites Management Plan (CSMP). The plan shows how we will prioritize activities and monitor and report progress in managing contaminated sites in accordance with the Treasury Board Secretariat's Policy on Management of Real Property. The CSMP requires Transport Canada lands to be identified, classified, managed and recorded in a consistent manner.

Transport Canada is a participant in the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) program. This program assists federal departments, agencies and consolidated Crown corporations to address contaminated sites for which they are responsible. We actively support the program objectives of reducing human health and ecological risks and associated federal financial liabilities resulting from federal contaminated sites.

You can learn more about Transport Canada's contaminated sites on the Treasury Board Secretariat's website at Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory.

To learn more about Transport Canada’s Contaminated Sites program and/or the National Environmental Management System, please email

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