Project proposal template for ABP-A&R

From Transport Canada

Title of Project

Location of Project

Submitted by:

Applicant Organization Name
Organization Address

Date Submitted: DD-MM-YYYY

Table of Contents

  1. Title of Project
  2. Applicant’s Information
  3. Project Management Personnel
  4. Declarations
  5. Rationale for Funding and Eligibility
  6. Project Profile and Eligibility
  7. Communication Plan (only if applicable)
  8. Letters of Financial Support
  9. Legal Documentation of Applicant Organization

1 Title of Project

The project title should be reflective of the applicable Abandoned Boats Program (ABP) Assessments & Removals (A&R) objective of the project.

2 Applicant’s Information

2.1 Proper Legal Name of the applicant organization

2.2 Name and position of the primary contact(s) for applicant organization

Such as president, treasurer, project manager, etc.

2.3 Mailing address for all correspondence

2.4 Contact Information

Contact information such as office phone/fax numbers, email/internet addresses, etc.

3 Project Management Personnel

3.1 Each project must have a designated Project Manager. Please include their contact information (if it is different from that of the applicant organization).

4 Declarations

4.1 Conflict of Interest

Please answer the following questions:

1. Do you presently employ, in your business or organization, a former public office holder who left the federal government in the last twelve months?

2. Does your business have as a major shareholder, a former public office holder who left the federal government in the last twelve months?

3. In case you have answered “yes” to question 1 or 2 above, was this person at an Executive level or above while in public office?

If yes, please note that the Funding Agreement will include a clause to the effect that no former public servants shall derive any direct benefit from the project, unless said individual is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act, Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service and/or the Conflict of Interest and Post-employment Code. In order to ensure the former public servant is in compliance, please ask the employee/shareholder to contact his/her former department to obtain written confirmation that he/she is in compliance with the post-employment provisions.

4. If any situation mentioned above arises after the signing of the Funding Agreement, are there safeguards in place to prevent/identify any potential conflict of interest?

4.2 Declarations

I/we, the undersigned, hereby certify that:

  • all information provided to Transport Canada in support of this request for funding is true and complete;
  • if funding requested in this application is approved, the funds will be spent solely for the project and activities described in this application; and
  • I/we provide consent to Transport Canada to make necessary credit and other enquiries in support of this application.









5 Rationale for Funding and Eligibility

This section is very important as it will be used for the screening process in relation to the eligibility assessment (Section 4.2, Applicant’s Guide) and merit selection criteria (Section 7, Applicant’s Guide).

  1. Please indicate:
    • if boat appears to be abandoned and/or wrecked and location (must be in Canadian waters).
    • if you are authorized to remove and dispose the boat. Please provide associated documentation (Annex A).
    • that the boat has been assessed to the satisfaction of Transport Canada, to address the requirements of this application (may provide documentation as Annex B).
  2. Please indicate the reasons why the boat should be removed and disposed in reference to one or more of the following risk (check boxes, where applicable)
  • If the project involves multiple boats, please provide a rationale for each boat under this section only.
  • If you have already applied and completed an assessment through this program, please include as Appendix C. Otherwise, please complete and attach Section 2 of the Application Form – Assessments for Small Boats.

Please elaborate on your selection(s):

  1. If you are applying under “Other criteria” (see Section 7, Applicant’s Guide), please provide a complete description of how the boat(s) is considered a priority and/or why additional considerations should be taken into account.

6 Project Profile and Eligibility

6.1 Location of Project Delivery

Clearly identify the location/area (e.g. waterway, municipality and general location) of the boat(s) where the project activities will take place.

6.2 Proposed Start and Completion Dates

The start and completion dates for the project are inclusive of all preparatory work, and project delivery, and including the final disposal of the boat.

6.4 Major Activities for the Project

The project should be presented in terms of major activities and include a clear illustration of how these activities will contribute to the overall project accomplishment.

The activities should include:

  • The specific activities and associated equipment required to responsibly remove and dispose/recycle/salvage the boat
  • The mitigation strategy to prevent, prepare and respond to any risks associated to the removal (e.g., break up of boat in water, release of pollutants, disturbance of sensitive ecological areas, including fish or bird habitant, introduction of aquatic invasive species into other waterways, etc.)

Please list your major Project’s activities under this section.

In addition, please ensure that you indicate how each component of the activity aligns with the eligible expenditures as listed in the project budget. (See budget and cash flow Excel template which forms part of this proposal).

6.5 Project Work Plan

The project work plan must clearly outline the planned schedule with key activities and timelines.

The project work plan can be presented using project management software such as MS Project, MS Excel spreadsheets or the equivalent, or simply in tabular format. The key requirement is to present all required information as clearly and accurately as possible.

Sample table for the various section of the project work plan is as follows:

Planned Schedule (Sample for illustrative purposes)

Table 1 - Planned Schedule
Serial Stage/Phases and Major Activities Description Start Date End Date
1 Stage 1 Planning and Preparation
2 Stage 2 Project Delivery

6.6 Partners and Contributions

It is essential to provide a description of any partners involved in the proposed project and what they will contribute to the project. The description should include the partner organization’s legal name, address, point of contact, and what they are contributing to the project, either monetarily or in-kind. This should be clearly indicated in the budget (see proposed budget and cash flow Excel template).

7 Communication Plan (only if applicable)

If the project requires a communication plan to advise the public, a detailed communication plan with the following details, where applicable must be provided:

  1. method of information dissemination (e.g. internet, mail-outs, newspaper advertisement workshops, etc.);
  2. if the internet is the main method for sharing information, how will the web site and/or social media be promoted and maintained;
  3. expected target audience; and
  4. expected outreach (e.g. number of web site users, recipients of mail-out materials, number of participants at a workshop, etc.)

8 Letters of Financial Support

The financial support of partner organizations must be confirmed in writing and appropriate substantiating documentation attached.

9 Legal Documentation of Applicant Organization

All applicants must provide copies of legal documentation establishing or constituting the Applicant organization as a legal entity. (i.e. Letters Patent, Articles and Certificate of incorporation, or other legal instruments).

Important: If the project is approved and at the moment an agreement is signed, the recipient will be required to provide proof of insurance coverage related to the boat removal activities.


The following appendices must be included with your proposal.

Annex A – Authorization to Remove the Boat – attach documentation
Annex B – Completed assessments – attach documentation (if this information is not captured elsewhere in the application)
Annex C – Copy of Application Form for Assessment
Annex D – Letters of financial support
Annex E – Project budget and cash flow

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