Corporate and Other Publications - Abstracts

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  • TP 14639 Transatlantic Ferry Flight - Poster 
    Information poster for pilots.
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  • TP 15170 TDM Measurement Toolbox: A Guide for Canadian Municipalities
    The TDM Toolbox is intended for small, medium and large municipalities seeking to evaluate their TDM projects. However, private businesses, public and private institutions, and community organizations will also benefit from the nine-step evaluation framework and examples of TDM initiatives presented in this document.
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  • TP 15174 Guide on Sustainable Transportation Surveying - Other 
    The Urban Programs' Resources for Practitioners provides resources that support the implementation of green transportation inititatives. This information is targeted at transportation professionals and decision makers.
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  • TP 15183 Improving Bus Services 
    Modest Investments to Increase Transit Ridership.
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  • TP 15187 Canada's Action Plan to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emmisions from Aviation 
    The Action Plan sets an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both domestic and international aviation. The Action plan identifies key measures that are expected to have the greatest environmental impact. The action plan is intended to be a living document, which may be revised from time to time. In adtion to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and communities, the action plan is designed by the heads of Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, the Air Transport association of Canada, the Canadian Airports council, The Canadian Business Aviation Association, the National Airlines Council of Canada, and NAV CANADA
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